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Regional Capacity building workshop on “Animal identification and traceability: tools for the management and utilization of genetic resources, the fight against animal diseases and food security”
From 22 November 2012 To 23 November 2012
TypeRegional - Workshop
Cooperating OrganizationsFAO, ONSSA, DFP, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Morocco, IAV Hassan II, UMAOC and UMAEB
Responsible OfficersB. Besbes, M. Bengoumi and M. Tibbo
List of documentsAnimal-identification-traceability-Announcement.pdf

During the last decade, increasing demand for animal products has led to a revolution in livestock production. In many developing countries, livestock production currently represents a large portion of the agriculture sector and is experiencing significant and sustained growth.

New requirements for transparency in commercial transactions have made traceability of animal products a must.

FAO has held several workshops on the development of animal production and genetic resources management, recommending the strengthening of capacity in animal identification and traceability in order to enhance genetic resources and fight animal diseases. In parallel, traceability allows the valorization of products from local breeds (characteristic local products), while ensuring food security, especially in rural areas.

In the framework of its programme to support member countries in capacity building in the field of animal husbandry, the FAO Subregional Office for North Africa (SNE) is organizing, in collaboration with FAO’s Animal Genetic Resources Branch (AGAG), the Regional Office for the Near East (RNE) and the European Commission, a regional Workshop on "Animal identification and traceability: tools for the enhancement and utilization of genetic resources, the fight against animal diseases and food security." The workshop will be held in Rabat from 22 to 23 November 2012.

National co-organizers of this workshop are the National Health Safety of Food Products (ONSSA), the Directorate of Production Chain (DFP) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Morocco, the Hassan II Veterinary and Agronomic Institute (IAV Hassan II), the Maghreb Union of Sheep and Goat Associations (UMAOC) and the Maghreb Union of Cattle Breeders’ Associations (UMAEB).

Objectives: The overall objective of the workshop is to strengthen the capacity of senior staff of veterinary services, animal genetic resources management services and professional organizations in animal identification and traceability, especially institutional and regulatory aspects and technical aspects of systems’ design and the management of activities and data. The workshop also aims to share experiences and help to harmonize the animal identification and traceability systems in the countries of the Maghreb.