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First Regional Training Workshop "Launching Workshop of the Regional Water Scarcity Initiative"
From 2 June 2013 To 4 June 2013
TypeRegional - Training
Cooperating OrganizationsFAO (NRL, SNG, SNE, FAORs and RNE)
Participating CountriesDelegates from the 20 Countries of the Region
Responsible OfficersChifa Tekaya

The Regional Water Scarcity Initiative, comes in support of Member Countries in identifying priority areas of action in agriculture water management that can significantly contribute to boosting agriculture productivity, improving food security and sustaining water resource. FAO support will be three fold: i) the analysis of national food supply options through a cost curve approach ii) The country assessment focusing on evidence-based findings, and analysis of the causes of successes and failures of past experiences; iii) brief national water audits.

The workshop is organised to launch the activities of the initiative, establish a regional partnership between the focal points and provide information and guidance as to how to undertake the national assessments/water audits. It will also provide the methodological approach to build a food supply cost curve.

Focal points are nominated by the countries as team leaders of the national multidisciplinary teams. They are invited to attend the capacity building and launching workshop and, as a follow-up, to convene meetings of the multidisciplinary teams in order to convey the outputs of the workshop and to launch the assessment process and preparation of the food supply cost curve.

During the meeting, country focal points are expected to provide inputs from the NMDT and to present and discuss them with the project staff.

FAO will encourage the establishment of a network of focal points for exchange of experiences throughout the project implementation.

  • Presentation and launch of the Water Scarcity Initiative;
  • Discussion and agreement on the national assessment framework and water audits
  • Briefing on the food supply cost curve tool, assessment of its feasibility, requirements and modalities of implementation
  • Agreement on the steps till final delivery
  • Establishment of a network of focal points for exchange of experiences throughout the project implementation.

For More Information:

Chifa Tekaya

Water scarcity initiative & Land and Water Days Coordinator
Food and Agriculture Organization
Regional Office for the Near East (RNE)
11, Al Eslah El Zerai St., Dokki
Tel: (+202) 33316132

Hebatallah Fahmy
Programme Assistant
Tel: (+202) 33316000 Ext: 2802

Workshop Items Download
Final Report, English

Final Report, Arabic

Final Report, French

Concept Note, English

Concept Note, Arabic

Concept Note, French

Provisional Agenda

Note to Participants

Preliminary Regional Review and Gap Analysis - Draft Report

Press Release - English

Press Release - Arabic

Day 1
Presentation of the new FAO Strategic framework. P. Steduto

Presentation of the Regional Water Scarcity Initiative, M. Bazza

Findings of the knowledge gap analysis: findings from a regional desk study, Andy Bullock

Country-level gap analysis, Group 4

Day 2
Coping with water scarcity – FAO Action Framework, J-M. Faures

Water auditing and accounting: Application to the Near East Water Scarcity Initiative, J. Hoogeveen

Application of a cost curve approach in coping with water scarcity, J-M. Faures

Food supply cost curve conceptual theory and Food supply cost curve building process (examples), Roberto Roson

Session 3: Water Auditing and Accounting

Day 3
UN-DESA/ ESCWA: Presentation of the drought project, Sami Ereikat, UN-DESA

FAO’s work on drought preparedness and follow-up to HMNDP, M. Bazza

Country plans discussed by sub-region (3 groups)