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Sudan: Thirteen Million Cattle and Eight Million Feddans Improve Economy in Nyala!

Experts in agriculture and animal resources in South Darfur state, the former minister of agriculture and animal resources, Massar Ali Massar emphasized that animal resources can contribute effectively in prompting the economical situation in the state .

Massar stated to Sudan Vision that the estimated number of live stock in South Darfur is 13 million heads, 90% of which move to central Africa and South Sudan in autumn and are brought back in the summer.

The experts demand strategic studies to exploit animal resources in order to increase the revenue of the state.

On the other hand, Massar disclosed that South Darfur has vast fertilized lands ranging between 7-8 million feddans an in addition to two important schemes which are Abu-ajaja and Abu-fama schemes. The area occupied by these schemes is approximately 1,400,000 feddans; he added that South Darfur can lead an agricultural renaissance in Sudan.

Sudan Vision Daily - 10, Jun 2013