Innovation Contest in Knowledge Management and
Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture in the MENA Region


KariaNet (partnership between IDRC and IFAD), AARINENA, CARDNE and FAO Regional Office for the Near East (FAO/RNE) are looking for innovations by research institutions, farmers, and NGO’s. Innovations are new ideas or new use of old ideas that help in solving a technical and/or a social problem. The type of innovation of interest to KariaNet and associated partners is something that improves community livelihood; is sustainable, reproducible and achievable under the local conditions. Because this contest focus is on knowledge management and knowledge sharing in rural and agricultural innovations, they can be understood as those creative solutions to practical problems, and those imaginative ways to take advantage of opportunities that arise in rural settings, (farming landscapes, but also small rural towns and the economic and social linkages that exist between the rural and urban worlds).

Rural and agricultural (local) innovation is the result of the introduction of a novel new way to do things (a new technology, a new organizational arrangement, new norms, or practices), in any dimension of the rural life (economic, social, institutional).

A rural (local) innovation often develops as the result of the combination of different types of knowledge (science, technology, practical knowledge, and traditional knowledge) with local assets or resources.

This combination is not spontaneous; it occurs as local actors (farmers, local decision-makers, entrepreneurs, but also researchers and development practitioners, NGOs, donors, etc.) interact with each other, learn (individually and collectively) and act collectively to promote change.

If you are one of those people or you know an individual or an organization whose work fits this category, this is your chance to participate.

Based on your nominations, the selection committee will document all the innovations and select the 12 innovators awardees.