Innovation Contest in Knowledge Management and
Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture in the MENA Region


To be eligible, the innovation should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The innovation should be practical and possible to implement under local rural community conditions.
  • The innovation should have evidence of its effectiveness in improving rural community livelihoods and /or reducing poverty.
  • It should define very clearly the effects that could be achieved through scaling up the innovation and show an evidence of the possibility of scaling up.

The profiles can be submitted by:
a) A research or development organization working in MENA region that has developed experiences in the region, regardless of the source of funding.

b) Small farmers’ organizations, and/or private business companies working jointly with small farmers.

c) Individuals or entrepreneurs that have created an innovation that meets the criteria listed above.

The following categories will be awarded:
a) Farmers, associations of producers, processors and/or traders, and (NGO’s);

b) National agricultural research organizations and/or development organizations, universities;

c) International organizations that produce technologies and knowledge of use by small Farmers and small rural enterprises; organizations that work with small farmers and/or rural enterprises.