Innovation Contest in Knowledge Management and
Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture in the MENA Region

KariaNet (partnership between IDRC and IFAD), AARINENA, CARDNE and FAO Regional Office for the Near East (FAO/RNE) are looking for innovations by research institutions, farmers, and NGO’s. Innovations are new ideas or new use of old ideas that help in solving a technical and/or a social problem. The type of innovation of interest to KariaNet and associated partners is something that improves community livelihood; is sustainable, reproducible and achievable under the local conditions. Because this contest focus is on knowledge management and knowledge ...Details
The main objective of this contest is to encourage the documentation and sharing the Innovative ideas and success stories from across the region related to the priority themes in agriculture and food security and focusing on small scale farmers. Specific objectives:
1.Encourage innovators to use online tools for innovations and knowledge products’ repositories to facilitate the collection of success stories generated by innovators.
2.Create incentives for use of online tools to share, access and utilize innovation products.
3.Promote the culture of competition in knowledge management and Information and knowledge sharing in selected topics in agriculture and rural development in the MENA region.
4.Create an opportunity for scaling up innovations in agriculture through proper dissemination of success stories.